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Doing A Little Destashing!

Stuff. We have so much stuff everywhere… You know, because I’m such a bad impulse shopper! I actually set up a destash account on Instagram to help sell some of the stuff I have that I just┬ádon’t use. Or stuff I stocked up on that is ridiculous for me to have so much of. If you’d like to pop over and check things out you can find me @cheerselizabeth.destash

One of the things up there right now is washi. Oh, the washi! Especially living in Japan, the washi just piled up and now I have over 100 rolls that I barely even use! If you are interested and not on Instagram, you can email me at, subject line “Washi!” if you would like to get some!

Basically: you get 10 bobbins with 24″ of washi on each one for $6. Shipping is $4 whether you buy one bundle or 5 bundles or however many bundles you want. If you want ALL JAPANESE WASHI, let me know and I will only roll you washi I have from here! If you specifically want a certain washi, it’s $1 for 24″ on a guaranteed pick. Invoices will be sent via paypal and must be paid within 24hrs.

My closet and my office are so crowded right now! I’ve been going through and while I know there is stuff I’m just not using it’s also so hard to part with some of it! Why are we so attached to things we don’t even use?

I’m thinking of setting up “Japanese Bath Boxes” with products I have access to here. I’m not sure if there would be a huge demand for them, but I’ve looked into buying boxes on Amazon to ship them in! Things like bath fizzers, bath bombs, bath petals, face masks, and pouches of scented salts. I went a little crazy and have several boxes of small “bath bomb” type fizzers. I’m trying to get out of the “stocking up” mentality when it comes to shopping!

If you are interested in checking out what I have up for grabs, hop on over and out my destash page @cheerselizabeth.destash! PLEASE: feel free to send me a DM with a reasonable offer on anything you see and are interested in, but feel is a little over-priced! I’ll either tell you that you’re insane, or I’ll bargain with you!

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